We must've blown a fuse.

Open these doors.


You should ask a doctor.

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His hands are never still.

There is some evidence that taking several fish oil capsules per day could have beneficial effects on one's heart and blood pressure.

Can we do it another time?

Instead of ink there was some kind of strange fluid in the bottle.

Did you feel the earthquake yesterday?

I can't imagine what Ahmed sees in Samir.

Bobbie was remarkably shy.

I really enjoy this stuff.

I'm honored to work with him.


Ahmed has as much right to be here as Briggs does.


I figured you might change your mind.

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May I shake your hand?

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I can manage that on my own.


Heather couldn't rule out the possibility that he was mistaken.

You have totally lost your mind.

He dropped his books on the floor.

The probability of Elijah being punished is very small.

The country was industrialized very quickly.

What trifles are you making a great fuss about?

Everything was great until recently.

I don't think I have any regrets.

It takes us five minutes to walk through the tunnel.


Don't be afraid to get your feet wet.

Clara is in reasonably good health.

Hirotoshi doesn't look very well. Is he sick?

Alan slid the ring on Dale's finger.

How did you lose it?


I'm capable of making my own decisions.

She treats me as if I were a baby.

What did the other guy look like?

All he can do is to support himself.

Thank you, Doctor.

I wish I were as smart as you.

Fascism is a system of government that sucks up to business and has no respect for human rights.


He just cleaned his room.


I rescued the cat.


Her hair didn't look dyed.

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I want to learn to speak Hawaiian, so I can impress my girlfriend.

Sandra is sound asleep in bed.

How are you going to tell her?

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What's gotten into you anyway?

Why don't I just buy you a hat?

I've got to get back into shape.

I thought it was a beautiful funeral service.

If you want a man to propose marriage, feed him well.

The student is working at sociology.

My travel fees to Japan are paid for by the university.

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I want to hear it again.

You owe it to Jurevis to tell him the truth.

It's the 11th most common element in the Earth's crust in fact.

I'd like you to meet my folks.

He cried.


The long cruel winter at last came to an end, giving place to a gentle warm spring.

I think you should leave as soon as you can.

She's completely useless.


I play basketball with her.

They formed a human chain.

He's a very nice guy.

Send this by sea mail.

She is more shy than cold.


The room is shrouded in smoke.

Add this to my bill.

It is necessary to lose weight.

I wonder what kind of thoughts go through her head.

What are your orders?


He was away from home.

Masanao's mind went blank when he got up to give the eulogy at Moran's funeral.

The point is whether she will read my letter or not.


Just tell them what you need.


Robin doesn't know how to do the crawl.

He is the fastest runner in his class.

That was a terrible joke.

Ned has a Murphy bed.

Your innocent act doesn't fool me.

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Shove a stick up your ass.


I didn't want Pieter to do that.

She'd do anything for you.

Not everyone is as considerate as you.


Duke started off strong.

Avery and Clarissa live in a quiet residential neighborhood.

The train was late, but I still arrived to work on time.

He has no friend to speak with.

Love to party!


I might be able to help you tomorrow.


I feel first-class tonight.

His expenses exceed his income by far.

Gordo, a squirrel monkey, was catapulted 600 miles high in a Jupiter rocket, also on December 13, 1958, one year after the Soviets launched Laika. Gordo's capsule was never found in the Atlantic Ocean. He died on splashdown when a flotation mechanism failed, but Navy doctors said signals on his respiration and heartbeat proved humans could withstand a similar trip.

You'll have to talk to her.

Please send me your latest catalogue.


Since the temperature has warmed, my coat has become an encumbrance.

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Where do you put your extra change?

You've got yourself a deal.

Maria would like to know if Esperanto is really as easy to learn as Pieter has claimed it to be.

When was the last time you ate a home-cooked dinner?

Maurice's family owns this bakery.

Nothing in excess.

How does this work exactly?

In Antarctica, scientists have drilled down two miles below the surface and brought up samples of the ice. These samples are called ice cores.

The ice melted into a puddle of water.

Sorry, I can't accommodate you.

Who listens to him?

It felt really good.

She pressed the child to her heart.

The garden has a wooden fence.

This is a very complicated piece of equipment.

"I gave them the job." "Why them and not us?"

I always like walking in the rain, so no one can see me crying.

You had better do it at once.

He has to fix the clock.

I do not have anything I need to say to Scot.

The only one who isn't going is you.


My father has made me what I am.


Magda will be married to a Spaniard.

Raphael stood me up after all.

I saw the file.


Kiki bailed Izumi out of jail.


As anticipated, we have had some problems.


Dan will never die.

Does anyone know how to pronounce this character?

All the students like holidays.

I should have told her that I love her.

Who was James afraid of?

Cathryn doesn't have any friends who speak French.

Happy birthday to your wife!

I have to go with Geoff.

Push the red button if something strange happens.

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How is he getting along with his school work?

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Where is our companion?

I feel more confident now.

Don't tell anything about what happened here.


She wants to go to Beijing to further her career.


Your friendship means much to me.

I'm drowning in sadness falling far behind.

Slartibartfast claims that he can speak French.

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Advances in science don't always benefit humanity.

Varda said that he needed to give Sundar one more warning before he could fire her.

The didn't seem to notice.

We're planning to tear down our house.

You can't smoke in here.


That was really something.

Randall asked me if he could see my driver's license.

Nathan has a wiry, athletic physique.

It's sweltering.

Why is that unfortunate?

I thought Brian dumped Linder a month ago.

Oh, yeah, the CD player.

Oliver is such a slob.

Diving in the Philippines was incredible, but I'm excited to be heading back to Sydney now!

She has grown into a beautiful young lady.

I almost cried.


How did Jaime behave?

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Are you ever going to do that again?


Does anybody here have a bottle opener?

I just need to find her.

He's been away for six months.