My parents caught me smoking.

My house is near the school.

I didn't ask Marika to teach me Finnish.

Give me a ride.

I wish that more people would take time to properly recycle.

The subway was so full that there were around five people per square meter.

The house is on fire.

The elevator's out of order, so we'll have to take the stairs. At least it's only two floors!

Here, try it on.

Leo is smelling the flowers.

Hunter wouldn't give in.

Did you wait for them?

I'm sorry I yelled at him.

Seems like I'm the third wheel here. I should go.


Let's concentrate.

Old said he'd never leave me.

I found it difficult to put into practice.

He is the same age as me.

Please set the table.

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Amedeo left this house to me when he died.

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The ship is sinking!


I will die for you.

Everything here tastes of seafood.

My patience has come to the breaking point.

He accepted my present.

Louise knew that salads were healthy, so he ate at least one salad a day.


I built my son a new house.


That's exactly why I didn't tell you.

No sooner had I gone out than it began to rain.

Urs planned to kill Judith.

I'm proud of the work I've done here.

My grandmother wears a dress to rags.

What a horrible man!

He is full of ambition for power.

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Rachel was buried two days later.

So quick!

Endometritis is a disease where bacteria enter the uterus and cause inflammation of the inner membrane.

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Every time I fall in love, Dad tells me the girl is my half sister.

This is where I went to school.

We're still in the dark as to the identity of the killer.

From all evidence, I was the main topic of conversation.

His memory had betrayed him.

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He was surprised at the long-distance phone bill.


The wedding took place at the Ritz Hotel.

They say that a person who has perfect pitch can tell just by listening what pitch a note is.

Margie doesn't pay any attention to Sanjay.


I've always considered you a friend.


Sixty-five countries boycotted the 1980 summer Olympics.

We still don't know why Kurt didn't do what we asked him to do.

It's a pen.

He is absorbed in study.

Do I have a choice?

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Studying French is a lot of fun.

An old Witch met him on the road. She was very ugly to look at: her under-lip hung down to her breast.

Doctors and hospitals should help everyone.

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Only one of the keys will unlock the door.


I can't speak Turkish.

The relationships among those five people are complicated.

I still have to find out about Pierre.

Unfortunately, no one told us.

How many times do you feed the fish?

The dog growled.

My mother doesn't know how to ride a bicycle.

His respect for him, with the passage of time, became love.

Dan died of brain cancer in Mexico.

In order to get a better look at that picture, I'd like to get a little closer.

Rome is an ancient city.

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We have a small backyard.


Kirsten didn't want to break Darren's heart.

I had a premonition that something wasn't right.

Manjeri volunteered to be the designated driver.

You can only take advantage of our offer if you are an attendee.

They fired Nicolas.

This dictionary is useful to beginners, yes, and to advanced learners.

One should never deride the wretch, for who can be sure of always being happy?


He deposited the prize money in the bank.

The runner stole third base.

A whistle is blown at the start of a game.


The planets in our solar system are classified as inner planets and outer planets.


I don't doubt that one bit.

That seems hard to believe.

Customs will ask for a receipt.

I just got kicked out of school.

It could possibly become a big problem.


I told you this is what would happen.


We've got a good team.


Where there are two Latvians, there are three political parties.


I know what's making Luis so nervous.

It will be cloudy.

Who wrote the book?


I told Heinz the truth.

These may come in handy.

A small border dispute ballooned into a major international incident.

We'd sure like to help Douglas.

There were too many people there.

Take your time over it.

An image is worth a thousand words.

Clover makes a good cover crop.

I can make it work.

Does it taste good?

There's a price on his head.

Her mother died in the same hospital she had given birth.

What kind of place is this?

I quit my job and moved so I could start off with a clean slate.

She kept dancing at the disco all night.

I would advise you strongly to quit doing that.

I trust Loukas completely.


Woody shivered uncontrollably.

Rahul told me he was thinking of going to Boston.

None of the students could solve the problem.

You will hide it, won't you?

She telephoned him that she couldn't attend the meeting.

Why are we doing this?

Have you ever crossed a river as big as this one?

This doesn't make any sense to me.

Do you want to rest?

I hope it wasn't too boring.

There are eleven rooms in this house.

We all felt sorry for them.

It is unavoidable that the fighting will intensify.

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They met the crown princes of Sweden and Denmark.

I met her here.

He went through many horrible days in the war.

I think that's hogwash.

Do you have any peppermint candy?

I want to press charges.

Nobody wants to be hated.


The only one who isn't going is you.


Kenn knows how old Liber is.

After a long argument, I finally gave in.

Vishal studies before dinner.

Vince seems to be in charge.

Milk boils at a higher temperature than water.

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This is not normal.

It's a big waste of time.

Warren doesn't know how to treat his employees properly.

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It's really difficult to survive in a big city like Tokyo without endebting oneself.

To speak English well is difficult.

It will take a little time to get used to wearing a wig.


Seenu believes that Gale made a big mistake when she sold her father's Stradivarius.

Where does your uncle live?

With the time passing, his respect for him became love.


Was I really boring?

Perhaps I should talk to him.

I hear from my mother once in a while.

I've already told everyone that I'm moving to Boston.

All you have to do is to meet her there.

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What were Jeffrey's complaints?

It'll only take three minutes.

I imagine that Klaudia will eventually be caught and put in prison.

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The adventures I read about are absent from my life.


I can't stand the anticipation.

Do you still have it?

You are supposed to obey the law.

The emigrants have endured physical and mental pain.

Ken will stay with you.


Victoria lived in that small house for a little over ten years.

We consoled each other.

If something goes wrong, call Dori.

When was it that Nanda bought this skirt?

He became blind after taking a fake Cialis pill.


Earl unlocked the front gate.